I wasn't an angry person until I had teenagers.   Leave a comment

Does it seem like we are typically worn down and our fuses are shorter now that our kids are getting to be teenagers? Are they doing things that you didn’t think a person could be programmed to do? Are their demands getting more and more…well, demanding?


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I never saw myself as an angry person until my children became teenagers! Now it seems they are always wearing me down. My husband and I both work hard and there is way too much tension in the home. How can we pull it together?


H.A.L.T. That’s what I have written on a piece of paper on my desk. Hurting… Angry… Lonely… Tired… When I find myself sensing any of the above feelings I know I need to HALT and get some perspective or if left untended my stress level will soar.

If I don’t take care of those needs I find myself making lousy parenting and marriage decisions. Life’s not easy. Parenting isn’t easy. Take time in the midst of your fast paced lifestyle to reduce your tension level. Take a walk. Read a Psalm. Watch a funny movie. Pay attention to your anger before it gets the best of you. If these simple ideas don’t work then by all means do the surgery it takes to reduce your stress load. Notice that I used the word surgery. To make the right decisions you may need to reduce your income, activities, and/or busy lifestyle choices. No easy answers here only difficult decisions. Too many times we look for the quick fix instead of making the necessary decisions our heart and mind tells us to make.

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